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Spectora: System Integrations
Spectora: System Integrations

A general list of integrations offered through Spectora to help maintain and grow your business!

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Spectora integrates with various other platforms to help maintain and grow your business. Each integration works a bit differently in terms of setup and functionality, so be sure to click the link to learn more about a particular one!

Client & Agent Products

These are excellent products that you can share with clients and agents to help save them time and money.

  • Repair Pricer is a tool used to turn your inspection into an accurate repair estimate. Use this tool to give your clients and agents pricing for defect repairs and help the buyer negotiate the best possible price.

  • HomeBinder helps homeowners reduce headaches and save money through ongoing property-specific support and central organization.

  • Secure 24 (or ADT Alarms) is an authorized ADT dealer that pays inspectors $200 for every successful installation. This can be used to offer home buyers additional peace-of-mind, while also making you additional income.

Inspector Tools

As a business owner, it's important to manage the office side of things as well as your reports. These integrations can help you keep track of invoices, reports, reviews, and communications.

  • Blipp Reviews is a third-party review service that automates getting reviews on multiple platforms, thus helping you grow your business. It automates asking for reviews from your clients and agents on multiple review platforms

  • Google Drive allows you to automatically back up your reports, invoices, attachments, and agreements to your personal or business Google Drive account every night.

  • QuickBooks Online generates and sends sales receipt information to Intuit Quickbooks Online every night for paid inspections, including customer info. *At this time, the Quickbooks integration is not compatible with Canadian companies due to different tax requirements.

  • MailChimp is a marketing automation platform used to send mass emails.

Call Centers

Integrating with a call center can free up your time so you can focus on having high-quality inspection reports. These call centers can help you book more inspections, keep your schedule organized, and even offer add-on services to your clients.

  • Simple Solutions is a call center that helps home inspectors book more inspections.

  • Inspector Call Center is a call center that works exclusively with home inspectors, they help get inspections scheduled every time, with a heavy focus on a 100% response rate, customer service, and exceptional client satisfaction rate.

  • Small Hive Solutions is a home inspector-featured call center that allows Spectora inspectors to focus on their growing business.

  • America’s Call Center is a Virtual Office and customer scheduling partner that works exclusively with home inspectors. ACC has been the go-to strategic partner for home inspectors for over 20 years. ACC success is measured by helping home inspectors book more inspections, more add-on services, and giving the inspector time back in the day to reinvest in other areas of the business or outside of work. Learn more about what they do here!

Other Services

Looking for something else? We have integrations with InterNACHI's BuyBack program, ISN, and RecallChek as well.

  • InterNACHI BuyBack allows you to submit inspections to InterNACHI’s BuyBack guarantee program automatically. If you miss anything on an inspection, InterNACHI offers a guaranteed buyback of the home.

  • ISN (Inspection Support Network)- ISN is a third-party alternative to Spectora’s integrated agreements, payments, scheduling, and automated emails.

  • RecallChek (RWISISG) is a suite of services for inspectors. Spectora will submit selected inspections to RWS, allowing you to use the RecallChek app to input appliance data.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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