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Integrating with Small Hive Solutions Call Center
Integrating with Small Hive Solutions Call Center

How to setup your Small Hive Solutions Integration

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What is Small Hive Solutions?

Spectora offers an integration with Small Hive Solutions, a home inspector featured call center. Small Hive Solutions is an independent contractor who provides remote services for established home inspection companies only. As integral team members, they provide the support, structure and tools that allow their clients to focus on the growth of their business.

Find more about Small Hive Solutions by visiting their website.

How to Integrate

1. Complete this consultation request form on Small Hive Solutions' website or email them at

2. Go through your account setup and onboarding process with Small Hive's team.

3. Once you have your account ready to roll and login info in hand, go to your

4. Scroll to Call Centers > Small Hive Solutions > and hit Enable.

5. You'll see a box pop up for the setup. Enter any information you'd like for Small Hive's representatives to see when they take calls for your company and click Enable.

6. Woohoo! We will let Small Hive Solutions know the integration is live. You're all set for company calls to go through their team and have more time to do what you're here to do- inspect!

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Make sure you have your Services & Fees setup exactly how you'd like them, they're what Small Hive's representatives will be going off when they schedule.

If you have any questions or feedback on this integration, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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