Integrating your Spectora powered company with Quickbooks is as simple as a few clicks.

  1. Click into your Settings tab, scroll down until you reach Company Settings

  2. Click System Integrations

3. Click the Enable button to the right of QuickBooks

4. QuickBooks Online will then have you login and grant permission to Spectora to integrate QuickBooks Online.

5. You're done!

What does the integration do?

  • Creates a Customer for the client on the inspection

  • Creates Invoices for your inspections

  • Creates Payments when a payment is received

  • We do NOT integrate with Quickbooks payment processor

*This integration is reporting only. We will send numbers to Quickbooks and pull numbers from your Quickbooks account

How to migrate if your company had Quickbooks integrated before August 2019

You requested it and we have made it happen. SalesReceipts are the way of the past and Invoices/Payments are the future. This comes with some caveats, which is why we have disabled your integration.

First things first, this works a little different from the prior QuickBooks integration. In the past, we created a QuickBooks SalesReceipt for each inspection that was marked as paid. Now the integration will create a QuickBooks Invoice for every inspection and connect a QuickBooks Payment for every payment on the Spectora side.

The integration will also delete these documents when you delete or cancel an inspection. Unconfirmed inspections will also be excluded from having documents created until they become confirmed.

As for the migration itself, we understand that you may have already done some tax this year and you may want to preserve some QuickBooks documents that have already been created via Spectora.  We have provided the ability to set a datetime to divide the old and the new documents. This is based on the inspection's scheduled start time. You can access this setting from the Spectora Settings once you have re-enabled the QuickBooks integration.

Once this setting is set, SalesReceipts that fall after it will be deleted and replaced with shiny new Invoices and Payments. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once they become Invoices/Payments, there is no going back! Choose that date and time carefully. The migration is not immediate, by the way. It will occur at midnight Spectora time (MST) when the system synchronizes the QuickBooks information.

Compatibilities with QuickBooks is currently only available in the United States.

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