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How to Integrate Spectora with QuickBooks

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Integrating your Spectora powered company with Quickbooks is as simple as a few clicks.

What does the Quickbooks > Spectora integration do?

  • Creates a Customer in Quickbooks for the client on the inspection in Spectora

  • Creates Invoices in Quickbooks for your inspections in Spectora

  • Creates Payments in Quickbooks when a payment is received in Spectora

  • This does NOT integrate with Quickbooks payment processor. You must be using our build-in payments option.

  • This integration currently only works with Quickbooks Online. It does not integrate with Quickbooks Self Employed or Quickbooks Desktop

*This integration is reporting only. Spectora will send numbers to Quickbooks and pull numbers from your Quickbooks account.

**At this time, the Quickbooks integration is not compatible with Canadian companies due to different tax requirements.

Ready? Here's how to set up the integration

  1. Log into your Spectora account and navigate to Settings > System Integrations > QuickBooks

2. This will prompt you to log in to your QuickBooks account and connect your accounts

3. You're done!

Once set up, Spectora will start generating and sending sales receipt information one time per day, in the evening, to your QuickBooks Online account.

On the inspection details page, you will see your Quickbooks Doc Number and the last time this inspection syncronized with Quickbooks:

Enjoy! If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email support@spectora.com!

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