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How Recall Chek Integrates with Spectora
How Recall Chek Integrates with Spectora

RSW and Spectora

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Setting up the Integration

RecallChek / RWSISG is a suite of services for inspectors. Spectora will submit selected inspections to RWS, allowing you to use the RecallChek app to input appliance data.  If you choose to integrate with RecallChek, go to Settings > Company Setting > Integrations.  

How to Send Reports to RecallChek Automatically

Once you have the integration enabled, You can choose to automatically send the report to RecallChek for each service type in Settings > Services & Fees

On the morning of the inspection, Spectora will automatically send over the client information to RecallChek allowing you to use the RecallChek App without having to enter client information.  

The RecallChek App has great features like transcribing the serial numbers from a picture.  

How to Manually Send Reports to RecallChek

You can also manually "Push" information to RecallChek on the desktop in the Inspection Details page prior to the day of the inspection by clicking the "Send to RecallCheck" button.  

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