New User Resources

Tips and tricks to get started with Spectora

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Spectora Basics

Spectora Support Hours, Refund Policy, and Resources

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Billing & Subscriptions

How to manage your subscriptions with Spectora

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How to navigate the dashboard of your Spectora account

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Basics, Business Tools, Scheduling Tools, Report Options, Company & User Settings

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Template importing, editing, sharing, and customizing

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Spectora Advanced

Articles about Spectora Advanced, our add-on product that allows more customization and efficiency for multi-inspector companies.

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Inspection Details Page

FAQs and all things pertaining to the Inspection Details page

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Report Writing with Spectora

Easily complete your inspection reports with our mobile app and web editor

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Tips for solving common issues

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High Level Tips & Tricks

Deeper features for the power user

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From design to maintenance, we're here to help!

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New Features

The newest changes and innovations on Spectora

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Real Estate Agent/Realtor Resources

Our help center for real estate agent partners!

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