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How to use Repair Pricer to add repair estimates to your inspections
How to use Repair Pricer to add repair estimates to your inspections

Clients and agents need repair estimates to negotiate with the seller. Save them time and add value to your offering with Repair Pricer!

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Repair Pricer turns any inspection report into an accurate repair estimate. Give your clients and agents defect pricing data to negotiate with the seller!


1. Set up a Repair Pricer account and complete your on-boarding with their team:

2. Visit Settings -> Company Settings -> Integrations and enabled the Repair Pricer integration:

3. Enter in the ID that Repair Pricer provides for this integration:

4. Decide who you want to receive notifications once the repair estimate has been added, and create your email subject and body: 

Don't worry, you can one-off enable/disable Repair Pricer on any one inspection.

5. Hit "Enable Repair Pricer"

6. You'll be redirected to "Services & Fees". Within each service, you'll see a new option to select which templates will default to be sent to Repair Pricer upon publishing:

The template selected in Integrations above (in the red box) should match one of the templates (if you have more than 1) in that service.

Ex: If you have a Gold package that includes a Residential template, mold template and thermal template - then you'll want the Residential template selected in the RepairPricer integration since you don't want all 3 going to RepairPricer.


You'll know a report is flagged to be sent to Repair Pricer in the Inspection Details page by seeing the Repair Pricer logo by its name:

When this report gets published, we'll automatically submit it to Repair Pricer.

Once Repair Pricer returns an estimate report it will automatically show up as an attached report in Inspection Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to send a one-off report to Repair Pricer?

No problem! Just click on the (...) and enable it! On publish it will send to RepairPricer.

What if I already published the report? How do I send it?

Same way! Except the button will say "Send to Repair Pricer

The client changed their mind. How do I not send it to Repair Pricer?

You guessed it. The same place! Just click disable.

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