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How Can I Back Up My Reports & Agreements?
How Can I Back Up My Reports & Agreements?

Want your reports, invoices and agreements backed up to your personal cloud? Meet our Google Drive integration!

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Google Drive integration is for inspectors that want extra peace of mind by having their PDF reports, attachments, agreements and invoices backed up to their personal Google Drive account.

Set this up in Settings > Company Settings > System Integrations. Click "Enable" next to Google Drive!

When do backups happen?

The backup job will run every night at 1am.

Will this backup my past reports?

Yes. This will work through your backlog of past reports at the rate of 20 a night.

What if I make changes to a report, attachments or invoices?

This will trigger for a nightly backup.

Will this work if I'm integrated with ISN?

We will backup what lives on Spectora so this will backup the report PDFs and attachments.

When you go to that accounts Google Drive you will see a "Spectora Backups" folder that has folders for each inspection titled by address and date.

Happy Inspecting!

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