Get more reviews with Blipp Reviews

Once enabled, this integration will automatically send client and agent data to Blipp everytime you publish an inspection.

Here's how to get set up:

  1. First, get an account set up with Blipp:

  2. Ensure that you are the "owner" on the Blipp account, and you have an Advanced or Pro plan

  3. Next, pop into Spectora's Settings->System Integrations and click "Enable" next to Blipp Reviews:

This will send you to Blipp's site to confirm the integration, then back to Spectora. You'll see this text once it is enabled:

That's it!

Once you publish an inspection we'll send over the client and agent data to Blipp. The rest, including how long to wait until asking for a review, whether to include the agent or not, etc., is set up via the Blipp dashboard.

We hope this allows you to get more reviews quickly and grow your business! Enjoy!

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