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How to Navigate the Client Portal

An updated interface for your clients to interact with your business

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Our Client Portal is designed to make it simple and easy for your clients to manage the home inspection process.

Check out the tour of the client portal below!

Additionally, clients can quickly request additional services and interact with partnership offers to help you earn more revenue per inspection.

With the Client Portal, clients can...

All in one place!

Navigating the Client Portal

This section will show you and your client how to navigate through the portal and complete all necessary tasks, such as signing the agreement and making their payment.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. To open the Client Portal, click "Inspection Details" in the confirmation email

  2. You'll see a table of contents on the left. The portal will open to the "To Do" list of Tasks

  3. The table of contents will contain all the necessary info for your inspection.

  4. Under "Review Your Services" you can add additional services. If you'd like to add an upsell service, select it here and click "Submit"

  5. Next, you'll need to sign the agreement. Click "View Agreement"

  6. Sign the agreement and click "Submit"

  7. After signing the agreement, you'll be directed back to the portal to make your payment. Click "Pay for your inspection"

  8. Choose your payment method and complete the payment

  9. Once the agreement is signed and payment is made, click "View Report"

  10. Once the report is published and viewable, the Review options will be shown below

  11. Partnership offers will show below the Review options

Note: There are a few options not viewable through the "Client View" button on the Inspection Details page - upsell add-ons, review options, and partnerships will not show.

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To view these options, you'll need to open the client portal in an incognito window using the confirmation email link.

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*To open an incognito window on Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n. To open an incognito window on Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n

Client Portal Table of Contents

There are 6 main components of the Client Portal: Overview, Tasks, Services, Reports, Documents, and Contacts. Each of these components contains important information about the inspection.

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Let's break each tab down a bit more.

  • Overview

    • The Overview tab contains the timeline of the inspection, including any additional events.

    • This tab also shows the client how many Tasks are waiting for them to complete.

  • Tasks

    • The Tasks tab lets the client know what needs to be completed before and after their inspection.

    • It is split into 2 columns - To Do and Completed

      • To-do tasks are ones that are waiting for the client

      • Completed are the ones they have already done

    • Tasks include signing the agreement(s), paying for their inspection, reviewing their services, and leaving you a review.

  • Services

    • The Services tab is where your clients can see what services they have already booked and request any additional add-on services.

  • Reports

    • Once your inspection report(s) is published, it will live in the Reports tab.

    • PDF Reports added via the attachment button will live in the Reports tab as well.

  • Documents

    • The Documents tab contains all paperwork associated with the inspection including the invoice, the signed agreements, and any additional documents you have added to the inspection (SOPs, warranty information, etc).

  • Contacts

    • In the Contacts tab, your contact information (including phone number and email) is listed.

    • If the client is working with an agent, their agent's contact information will be listed as well.

Tips for the Client Portal

  • Offer Partnerships

    • Spectora partners with national brands to create opportunities to add more value for your clients. This is a fully optional program but an excellent way to maximize your per-inspection earning potential.

    • When a client accesses their inspection report they can interact with your selected partner offers. If the client submits their information and purchases a service you get paid.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!


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