Once a client books an inspection, you can upsell your add-on services through the new client portal. 📈

On the "Review Your Services" task and "Services" tab of the client portal, clients will see the name, description, and price of add-on services. Clients can then select these services and submit add-on requests directly through the client portal.💵

As the inspector, you will receive an email notification with the client's requested add-ons. All company administrators will be copied on this email as well.

If you add the service to the inspection the client will be notified of their new charges and agreements.

How does this work?

Setting Up Add-On Services

The add-on services that appear on the services tab are determined by the base services of the inspection. When setting up a service you have the option to designate add-on services.

In the example below Sewer Scope and Radon Testing services are add-ons for the "Residential Inspection" service. Add-on services will only be shown if "Allow Upsell" is checked.

With this configuration, client's who are scheduled for the "Residential Inspection" service will see the Sewer Scope and Radon Testing services as optional add-ons on the client portal.

⚠️Note⚠️ Add-on services are only visible through client portal links sent to the client NOT through the "Client View" button.

Receiving Email Requests

When a Client submits a request the inspector will receive an email with the relevant details.

The email will include the requested service or services, the inspection address, and who submitted the request.

The client submits a request:

Inspector receives this email:

Extra Add-Ons Request -

At this point, the inspector can add the service to the inspection OR work with the client to schedule the add-on service on a different date.

Adding an Additional Service to an Inspection

To accept an Add-On request follow these steps on the inspection details page:

The client will receive an email notification and their invoice, payments and agreements will be updated:

Inspection Payment Link - liz@spectora 2022-05-18 at 12.12.40 PM.com - Spectora Mail - Google Chrome

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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