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Introducing Partnerships! 🀝
Introducing Partnerships! 🀝

Earn additional revenue through client referrals

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Spectora partners with national brands to create opportunities to add more value for your clients.

This is a fully optional program but an excellent way to maximize your per inspection earning potential.

We leverage the total volume of inspections to negotiate cash payouts to inspectors when their clients purchase a partner's product.

How does it work? πŸ€”

Inspectors choose which offer or offers to present on their client portal. You can currently choose from moving services, home insurance, home security, or home warranty offers.

When a client accesses their inspection report they can interact with your selected partner offers. If the client submits their information and purchases a service you get paid.

That's it! There is no active selling on the part of the inspector.

What does it look like? πŸ‘€

Clients will only see offers that you select, and the inspection is always front and center. The client makes the choice whether or not to submit their information to a partner.

The client DOES NOT have to interact with the offers to view a report, make a payment, sign agreements, or leave a review.

Here is what it looks like when all offers are enabled:

When do Partnerships Display on the Client View?

The partnerships offers will only display to the client after the reports have been published. Before publishing, the client will not see partnerships at all.

Here is how the Client Portal looks after publishing when Partnerships are displayed

How do I get started?

You can find the full instructions in this article: Enabling Partnership Offers

How much can I get paid?

You can see up to date payment information in this article: Getting Paid with Spectora Partnerships

Additional questions?

We're available on the chat bubble to assist!

You can find the full support library on this topic here:

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