Spectora Reviews are a great way to receive customer feedback and grow your business. 🪴 The new client portal makes collecting reviews effortless.

Time Saving Tip: On the new client portal, clients or agents can edit their reviews, you no longer have to reach out to Spectora to have a review fixed!

With the new client portal, you have two options to solicit reviews from clients.

Option 1: Your client will see "Leave a Review" as a task

Customers DO NOT need to leave a review to view their report, and they can hit Decline to remove the task from the list.

Option 2: Your client will see "Review Us" on the side panel

Enabling Reviews on the New Client Portal

Under Settings > Business Tools > Reviews Options you will see the following menu.

For Option 1 check "Display 'Leave a Review' as a task in the Client Portal"


For Option 2 uncheck "Display 'Leave a Review' as a task in the Client Portal"


Please let us know if you have any questions!

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