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External Reviews with the Client Portal
External Reviews with the Client Portal

Ask your clients for reviews on Google, Yelp, or other sites

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You can now request external reviews on the client portal! Spectora reviews are still available and offer the most integrated experience.

Here's how to get started!

Ensure the New Client Portal is the default

On 1/15/2023 the new client portal will be the sole option. Until then, please make sure this box is checked in Settings > Business Tools > Client Portal

Enable External Reviews

In Settings > Business Tools > Reviews Options and check Enable External Reviews as a Task in the new Client Portal


Add your review Link

In Settings > Business Tools > Reviews Options, paste your chosen review link. Here's how to get a review link from Google ➡️ Get Google reviews


Name your review service

In Settings > Business Tools > Reviews Options, add the display name for the task. This is the name of the website you are using for reviews.


Test the link ✅

Once you've followed the steps above clients will start seeing the "Review Us on [BLANK]" task on their client portal. This task will only appear after the inspection is concluded and the report is published.

📢This task is only seen using a link SENT to a client NOT the Client View button 📢

On a completed inspection, click on a client portal link sent to the client and you will see the task! Click Leave a Review and verify the page is correct.

You're done!


Will I receive a notification if a client leaves an external review?

No, you will not receive a notification from Spectora if a client interacts with this task. However, Google or your other site will likely notify you of a new review.

Can I see external reviews with Spectora reviews on my account?

No, at this time external reviews will not load into and be visible on your Spectora account.

Why doesn't the task close automatically after the client leaves a review?

On the Spectora side, we have no way of knowing whether they completed a review on the external site. For that reason, they will have to click "Done" to remove the task from their to-do list.

Please let us know what additional questions you have by writing into our chat bubble!

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