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  • Only available for businesses based in the United States and Canada.

  • Requires payments to be enabled.

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This reviews the most commonly asked questions about the ability to pass on credit card fees to your clients. If you are looking for a how-to guide, check out this article!

What are the fees?

  • Credit Cards - a 3.95% fee will be added to your client's total.

  • Bank Transfer

    • No fee for your clients.

    • A $3.99 fee per transaction to you.

Why is there a technology fee and where does it go?

Part of the fee goes directly to pay our payment processors. The remainder goes to Spectora as revenue.

Why is there a fee for bank transfers? I thought it was free.

While bank transfers are free for your client, there is a cost to process these transactions through our payment processors and Plaid, which is a 3rd party service that handles bank account verification.

Part of the fee goes directly to pay our payment processors and Plaid. The remainder goes to Spectora as revenue.

Do I have to use bank transfers if I'm passing on credit card fees?

Absolutely not!

To disable bank transfers, uncheck the "Enable ACH Payments" box right below the "Pass credit card fees to clients" option.

Once this is disabled, please ensure that you've set your "Supported 'fee-free' Payment Methods" text. By law, you must have a no-fee payment method when passing on credit card fees (see below for more details).

To set this text, enter the text you'd like to see in the "Supported 'free-free payment methods":

If you enter nothing, it will default to "Pay via cash or check at the time of inspection."

Here's an example of what your client will see when bank transfers are disabled and a fee-free payment method is set:

Why do clients get a "no-fee" option when passing on credit card fees?

Legally, to pass on credit card fees, clients need to be offered an alternative that doesn't add any additional costs to their total, such as cash, check, or bank transfer.

For companies based in the United States, the no-fee alternative is bank transfer. Please note that for bank transfers, there is a fee to you, but not to your clients: learn more about bank transfers + Spectora.

For Canadian companies, the fee-free alternative is any no-fee payment method you accept outside of Spectora (cash, check, etc.).

Why is the fee called a "Technology Fee" and why can't I change it?

By law, we can't use the phrases like "processing fee," "credit card fee," or "payment fee". From our research, “Technology Fee” is the most commonly used term that stays within the bounds of federal, state, and local laws.

We realize that this term can trigger questions from customers. We are actively evaluating how we can provide other terms that may fit better with your business and still stay compliant with applicable laws.

What if I need to refund my client?

When issuing a full refund, your client will receive the full amount of the technology fee as part of their refund.

When issuing a partial refund, your client will receive a proportional percentage of the original technology fee.

Questions? Write into our chat bubble and our Client Success Team will be here to help!

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