Spectora Payments is our built-in payment processing system. It is powered by Stripe, the same technology that powers the payment processing of Twitter, Lyft, Shopify, SquareSpace, SalesForce, Facebook, Pinterest, and KickStarter.

In addition to the stability and reliability this provides, we offer a number of other advantages over using third-party providers:


If you're using Paypal, Square, or similar bulk-rate processors you're likely paying 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. Our standard pricing is 2.75% + 30 cents, saving you some money on every inspection.

If you're a larger inspection company doing over $500k per year please get in touch for a custom rate. We request that you send 3-4 statements showing your company revenue, spaced out over the year to show all seasons (peak season and off season). Once you have those collected, please type in to the Tech Support Chat bubble and we will evaluate and get back to you! 


By keeping your payments under the same roof as your software, you eliminate one more company you need to contact when something goes wrong. Our support team regularly connects with Stripe engineers and support to answer questions and resolve any issues that arise with payments. Let us connect the dots - you'll get the same top-notch Spectora support for your payment issues!


By having your payments not rely on a third-party integration you can be assured of data integrity. You'll see accurate paid/unpaid data in Spectora and won't have to do manual updates between two systems.

Additional Features

By using Spectora Payments, you'll get features like:

Refunds - Process refunds within the Spectora platform, helping you keep your books balanced and saving you from having to manually adjust things in two places.

In-App Payments - Instead of hauling around a card reader, you can use the mobile app to route you to the client's portal and punch in their CC information on site.

Payouts - You will receive next-day payouts using Spectora Payments!

Ready to make the switch? Here's how to get started.

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