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How to use the re-inspection feature
How to use the re-inspection feature

Step-by-step on how to schedule a reinspection and use the specialized report Keywords: reins, reinspe, reinspec, reinspect, re-inspect

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Spectora has a tool for creating re-inspection reports from the defects of a previously written report!

To enable this feature, go into Settings > Report Tools and Enable Re-Inspections.

How to schedule a re-inspection

1. Visit the inspection details page of the address you'd like to re-inspect. View the report > click Report Tools on the top right.

2. Select Schedule Re-Inspection from the drop down menu and select the defects you'd like to include in the report.

You can click Select Visible Defects to select all defects, or click the checkbox on the top left of each defect to just include certain defects.

⚠️ You cannot add NEW defects to a re-inspection, you can only re-inspect defects that were called out in the original inspection ⚠️

3. Once you have your defects selected, you can click Save Report for Inspection to begin scheduling your re-inspection. The page will redirect you to schedule a new inspection with the original details auto-populated.

4. You can choose to copy the signed Agreement from the original inspection or start from scratch. Select the date you will be performing the re-inspection on.

5. Enter any additional scheduling information and click Save Inspection. You'll be redirected to your newly scheduled re-inspection!

💡 Tip: You'll be given the option, just like when scheduling any other inspection, to select your Services. Selecting your usual Service will auto-populate your normal Fees, Report, and Agreement, which might not fit your re-inspection!

Set up a Re-Inspection Service with its own Fees and Agreements under Settings > Services & Fees! No default template needed, as you're creating the report from the original inspection.

You can create a new Re-Inspection Agreement with your terms for this service under Settings > Agreements!

➡️ Here's the scheduling process from start to finish:

Adding a Re-Inspection report to an existing inspection

Don't want to schedule a new inspection? Already scheduled the re-inspection? No problem!

1. On the inspection details page of the original inspection > click the three dots next to the report you'd like to do a re-inspection on > Re-Inspection.

2. Select the address of the inspection you'd like to have the re-inspection report.

3. Select your defects and click Copy Report to Inspection.

How to write a Re-Inspection report

It's just like writing a normal report, but with a few differences! You will only see Sections/Items/Comments for the Defects you selected.

On the Web Editor:

On the defects you're re-inspecting, the comment will include your Original Findings and any defect photos you took. You can check Resolved if the issue has been resolved, and drag a new photo in to document the update.

You can also update the Header Text by clicking the report name > Header Text.

On the App:

The defect comments on the app will default to Unresolved, or thumbs down. You can tap the thumb icon to toggle back and forth between Unresolved or Resolved. Then add a photo or take a photo like you usually would!

If you have any questions or feedback on this feature, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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