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3) New User: Setting up Services & Fees
3) New User: Setting up Services & Fees

How to set up Services & fees on your Spectora account

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Watch this video demo for an in-depth explanation!

Step-by-step process of setting up Services & Fees:

1. Go to Settings > Services & Fees

2. Fill out your Service Name, Base Cost, and Base Duration. These will auto-populate when you choose this service while scheduling an inspection

  • Optional: add a description to your services and add-ons, these will populate on the Online Scheduler and the Get a Quote Widget to describe your offerings to your clients and agents.

  • You can add an entirely new service by clicking the +Add Service button

3. Choose which Template and Agreement you'd like to populate when you choose this service

  • Optional: add your pricing modifiers. You can choose to add modifiers for: square feet or square meters, age of home, year built, zip/postal code, foundation, and miles/kilometers away from company address.

  • Optional: choose your add-on services such as Radon or Sewer-scope 

You can also add modifiers to your add-ons!

  • Optional: add taxes if you do business in a country that taxes services.

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