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Get reports about top agents, inactive agents, and more! Keywords: birthday

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  • Only available for Spectora Advanced Users

Advanced Metrics are a powerful way to see information about your agents at a glance, but sometimes you need a good old-fashioned report to really dig into the details.

We have 5 agent-specific reports available to Advanced users:

  • New Agents: lists any agents that have done their 1st inspection within a given time period.

  • Inactive Agents: lists any agents that have become inactive within a given time period but were active in a previous time period.

  • Top Agents: lists top agents by revenue.

  • Top Agencies: lists top agencies by revenue.

  • Top Agent Teams: lists top agent teams by revenue.

These reports come with full support for searching, filtering by tag, sorting, and exporting.

Where do I find these reports?

You can find these reports and more in Data Exports > Agent Reports.

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