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How to Get Started with the New V10 App (Next Gen)

Trying out Spectoras newest app version (aka Next Gen)

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First, thanks for checking out Spectora's rebuilt reporting platform. At this point, over 25,000 inspections a month from more than 2,000 inspectors are completed on the newest app version!

This app provides the same experience and work flow you know and love, with a refreshed feel and updated feature options!

🎢 I'm ready. Let's do it.

1. How to Download the App

iOS Users

1. Tap here from your mobile device. Your web browser will open to a page where you'll first be prompted to download an app called "TestFlight" from the App Store (Step 1). You may be prompted to enter a code - no such code exists! PLEASE DISREGARD this prompt and continue to step two.

2. After downloading TestFlight, return to your web browser on your mobile device and tap on the "Start Testing" button. You'll be prompted to "Accept" the invite. Accept the invite and then tap "Install."

Android Users
1. Tap here from your mobile device to download the latest version of the app using Google Play.

2. Create a "Next Gen" Inspection

Create an inspection as you normally would but be sure to check the “Use next-gen reporting on this inspection” at the bottom of the page under the "Beta" section.

If you want all inspections scheduled internally and through online schedulers to default to Next Gen, follow this guide.

3. (optional) Convert an existing inspection for use with Spectora Next Gen

If you import inspections from ISN, use the online scheduler, or have a previously scheduled inspection that you'd like to use with Spectora Next Gen, you can go to the inspection, click the MORE tab, and then click Convert to Next Gen!

4. Defaulting to Next Gen

If you give Next Gen a try and want to exclusively use it going forward, you can select this setting under settings > report options > Default to Next Gen!

💬 Getting Help

If you’ve found a bug, a usability issue, or something else, please reach out to the chat bubble or email us at so we can get a few more details from you.

Need to sign up for a free trial? Click here!

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