Using the Spectora App With No Internet Connection

Learn what you can and can't do without a connection when you're in the field using the Spectora Mobile Home Inspection App.

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You have the capability to conduct your entire inspection directly within the mobile app, even without an internet connection. This encompasses tasks like adding photos, annotating, editing or creating comments, and saving new comments to your template. This means you can work completely offline - which is great if you're working in more rural or remote areas.

There are only two instances where an internet connection is necessary: when importing the inspection to your device and when saving your inspection to the web.

Importing Inspections to Mobile

You should open your Spectora app each morning before leaving your home or office (where you have a strong connection) and confirm the dashboard has imported your inspections for the day. This happens automatically when you log in and see the "Today" dashboard.

If you don't see a report associated with that inspection, that means you need to add a template to that report.

To add a template to the inspection, tap the wrench icon > then tap "View on the Web" or go to the website on your computer and add a new report.

Saving to the Web

When you finish entering your inspection data into the app, you'll need a connection to "Sync" the report to the web. Many inspectors do this when they get back into an area with a strong connection to prevent partial uploads or errors.

You can manually sync your inspection by tapping the cloud icon > and then tapping "Sync All Changes" in the app.

Alternatively, you can enable "auto-sync" in your app settings, so the app will automatically sync your data to the web when you have a strong wifi or cellular connection.

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