First, thanks for your willingness to test Spectora Next Gen, our all-new reporting platform. Before you get started...

🛑 An Important PSA

Spectora Next Gen is beta software, which means there may be hiccups along the way. That said, here are a few recommendations/things to remember:

  1. Schedule a normal, non-next-gen inspection for the same address. In the case that something goes wrong that prevents you from completing the inspection with Spectora Next Gen, you can fall back to the current app to limit the impact of the interruption.

  2. Use it on an inspection where client and realtor aren't present, if possible. Beta software is usually less than perfect, so it may not be the best choice if you have a client or realtor onsite.

  3. Remember to load your inspections ahead of time if there's a chance the inspection is in an area with poor cellular service. The same limitations apply to Spectora Next Gen as our current app -- the inspection must be loaded ahead of time.

  4. All special form PDFs were recreated for Spectora Next Gen. If you use the Florida WDO, 4 Point, Wind Mitigation, TREC REI 7-5, the Texas WDI, or NPMA-33, be sure to check the PDF displays correctly before publishing.

  5. Some features aren't quite ready:

    1. 360 Photo Support (coming soon)

    2. Repair Request Builder (coming soon)

🎢 I'm ready. Let's do it.

1. Download the app

iOS Users
1. Go to the Apple App store and download the app called "Test Flight" for beta testing

2. Tap here from your mobile device to download the latest version of the app using TestFlight.

Android Users
1. Tap here from your mobile device to download the latest version of the app using Google Play.

2. Create a "Next Gen" Inspection

Create an inspection as you normally would but be sure to check the “Use next-gen reporting on this inspection” at the bottom of the page under the "Beta" section.

3. (optional) Convert an existing inspection for use with Spectora Next Gen

If you import inspections from ISN, use the online scheduler, or have a previously scheduled inspection that you'd like to use with Spectora Next Gen, follow these steps before starting the inspection to convert the reports to the next gen format.

💬 Getting Help

There will undoubtedly be issues as we move through this private beta testing phase, so thanks in advance for your patience 🙌

If you’ve found a bug, a usability issue, or something else, please reach out to the chat bubble or email us at so we can get a few more details from you. When messaging in, just let us know that you’re a private beta tester so we can get you to the right person.

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