How to Schedule an Inspection

Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an inspection or mock inspection for testing and practice. Keywords: Sched, sche, schedul

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Scheduling an inspection or mock inspection is helpful for practicing your report-writing flow and getting know to the scheduling process.

You can also schedule a mock inspection to test changes to your Template, Services & Fees, Automations, and Actions. Let's get to it 🥳

Scheduling the Inspection

1. From your dashboard, click + NEW INSPECTION.

2. Enter the date and address for your inspection. You must use a real address for this! If this is a mock inspection, you can use your own or your neighbor's.

3. Enter client details using your personal email or cell phone number. You only need to add a client if you want to send automated texts and emails, so you can schedule without client details if you'd prefer.

4. Select the Service with the default template you'd like to use. If you're using a new template, you can add a report to the inspection after scheduling instead.

5. Once you've added all the details you need, click Save on the bottom of the form. You'll be redirected to the inspection details page.

💡 Tip: The only thing you need to save the inspection is the address, so you don't need to enter any client or agent info if unnecessary. If the Save Inspection button is greyed out, it's likely caused by something in the address field. Please make sure that each address line is filled out correctly!

If you have any questions or feedback on process, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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