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Have you ever wished there was a record of who left a note on an inspection and when?

Spectora Advanced has your back! Enabling office notes makes it effortless to keep a detailed record on any inspection.

This feature is only available for Spectora Advanced users. Learn more about Advanced here!

Enabling Office Notes

Once you've started with Spectora Advanced, you're ready to utilize the Office Notes feature! In this section, you'll see how easy it is to enable the Office Notes.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Click "Advanced Tools"

  3. Click "Enable Office Notes"

Using Notes on an Inspection

Once Office Notes are enabled, you can begin adding them to any inspection. These notes can be used to confirm information from the listing agent, client's agent, or scheduling team.

🌟 Note: Office Notes do not display on the mobile app- use the inspector notes field for any notes that need to be visible to the inspector on the app!

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click on the inspection from your dashboard calendar

  2. You'll see the Office Notes box on the Inspection Details page

  3. Type your note into the text box

  4. Click "Add Note" to save

  5. Your new note will show along with your name and the time stamp

  6. Click "Delete" to remove an existing note

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email support@spectora.com!

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