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Getting Started with Spectora Advanced
Getting Started with Spectora Advanced

New to Advanced or interested in trying it out? Watch this full demo! You can also see what's included with Advanced.

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What is Spectora Advanced?

Spectora Advanced is an optional add-on to our base software, costing $3.00 per published inspection. You get to choose whichever features you want to use.

Spectora Advanced is designed for companies that offer multiple services, employ multiple inspectors, need to integrate with external systems, or have complex automation needs. Most new inspectors won't need this right away.

Interested? Check out our overview video below!

What is included in Spectora Advanced?

  • Actions: Actions allow you to create unlimited and highly customizable automated emails, texts, and webhook calls based on custom rules. Think of Actions as Automations on steroids!

  • Pay Splits: Create rules to determine what you pay your inspectors, whether you'd prefer a flat rate, percentage, or percentage-after-deduction. We'll do the math and give you easy reports every pay period.

  • Inspection Events: Link a separate calendar event directly to an inspection, allowing you quick access from the web and mobile app. See all an inspection's associated events in the Inspection Details and assign pay splits for certain events.

    This can be used for:

    • Radon Drop-off / Pick-up - Know when you need to drop off and pick up your equipment. Assign the event to a different inspector than is doing the main inspection.

    • Water Tests - Pick up and drop off water samples.

  • Service Limitations: As you add more inspectors and more services, not every inspector can perform every service. Spectora Advanced allows you to specify which inspectors can perform which services, keeping scheduling efficient.

  • Service Areas: As your team grows, you must optimize efficiency by having certain inspectors operate in certain geographic areas. Service Areas allows you to draw boundaries for each inspector on a map, allowing your Online Scheduler to assign the right inspector every time.

  • Metrics & Customized Dashboards: Advanced data visualization and reporting to help you make business decisions based on real data. Create custom dashboards showing you the data you need to make intelligent business decisions. You can create graphs and charts for any data you want, such as "Revenue By Inspector", "Inspections By Zipcode", "Top Agencies for the Past Year", "Revenue By Service", or anything else you can think of!

  • Contact Tagging: Add tags to your contacts to further customize Actions and trigger different emails based on the tag (i.e. VIP Agents, New Agents, Investors, etc.)

  • And more!! We're always building and releasing new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you continue adding new features to the base Spectora platform?

    • Of course! We'll continue to improve all our product offerings constantly just as we always have.

  • Why is this an add-on product?

    • Millions of dollars and thousands of hours go into developing, maintaining, and supporting these tools. There are also metered costs with every email and text message that gets sent. To make this a worthwhile venture we need to charge an additional fee.

    • Additionally, the features of Spectora Advanced will only be useful to a subset of the inspection industry. Including these features in everyone's system would be overly complicated, increasing our support costs and making our base software prohibitively expensive for new inspectors.

  • How does billing work?

    • You'll get billed at the same time every month for all billable inspections in the past month. Your billing date defaults to the date you begin using Spectora Advanced, but you can always change your billing date whenever you like.

  • What counts as a billable inspection?

    • You only get charged for published inspections. Inspections that you cancel or delete will not be billed. You'll have full access to features like Advanced Metrics and Pay Splits as long as you have Advanced enabled.

    • It's important to note that any published inspection while using Advanced is billable, regardless of whether you use any particular feature within that inspection. (i.e. Actions, Inspection Events, Pay Splits, Service Limitations, etc.)

    • It's also important to note that you're billed based on your Spectora Advanced status at the time of publishing. That means there might be a few scheduled inspections that you will get billed for after first enabling Advanced despite not having Advanced tools on those inspections. Should you ever decide to cancel Advanced, you won't be billed for inspections you haven't published yet (despite having Advanced features on that inspection.) We believe this balances out and keeps things more simple.

  • Is this a replacement for ISN?

    • It can be! While our standard features meet the business management needs of many inspectors, large and fast-growing companies with more complex needs have historically turned to ISN. Many of these companies asked us to build comparable tools with the hope of having a single point-of-contact for software and avoiding integration issues. We listened to our user base and built Spectora Advanced!

  • What is the process like when I switch from another software?

    • We know that some inspection companies have months, if not years, of data in other software. The prospect of switching can feel daunting!

    • That's why we have an implementation team — one of our implementation specialists will work with you to get all your historical data over to Advanced and help you learn the platform, so you don't miss a beat when you switch to Advanced. Depending on the amount of historical data you need imported, the process could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

    • If you need help learning Spectora Advanced, you have access to unlimited meetings with your implementation specialist, and of course, our Client Success team is available via the chat bubble seven days a week. We're here to make the process as seamless as possible!

  • I only need a couple of the features. Why do I have to pay for them all?

    • During our extensive year-long beta testing with almost four hundred companies, we did not find clearly broken-out clusters of usage. We also saw a strong desire for simple, easy-to-understand billing. Lastly, we didn't like a model where you had to evaluate each feature. We like simplicity when it comes to billing!

    • We hope that, regardless of which features you use, your company will continue to grow until you take advantage of all the features we offer! You can do so with the assurance that your costs are predictable.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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