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Delete an Inspection from your Device

Too many inspections saved to your device? Delete a few to keep your app functioning properly

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If you have too many inspections saved to your device, you will get this message:

Be sure to save any unsaved inspections!
Once you've done this, you can delete inspections from your device 3 ways: 

  1. Reset App Memory: this will wipe all data and log you out. If you are having issues with App performance, we recommend a reset.

  2. Clear All Saved Inspections: Go to Settings > Saved Inspections: 

Scroll to the bottom of your saved inspections and click "Clear All". This will clear from your device, but they will still be available on the web as long as they have been saved.

3. You can delete inspections from your device one-by-one. To do this, click into the inspection and click the More Options button:

Then, click Delete from Device: 

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