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What does "Steps to Reproduce" or "Steps to recreate" a bug mean?
What does "Steps to Reproduce" or "Steps to recreate" a bug mean?

Tracking down and fixing bugs can be difficult. We rely on details from you to narrow it down - here's how to help!

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There are infinite combinations of browsers, devices, settings, and versions when it comes to software. With these variables, there is a lot to narrow down to track the specific issue / bug! Usually what you're experiencing is only affecting 1% or less of our users because of some combination of things we haven't anticipated or tested. That's why we rely on you to help us figure it out!

When you report a bug to us, we'll often ask for "steps to reproduce", "steps to replicate" or "how to recreate" the bug. What this means is you giving us the details we need to see the bug. Usually once we're able to do that, we'll have a fix up very quickly.

The best way to do this is to send us a video of what you're seeing. On desktop/laptop, apps like CloudApp allow super-simple video recording. Getting them installed often takes about 5 minutes. On mobile, here's how to easily record your screen

These videos, accompanied by narration of what exactly you're pressing, allow us to see what exactly is going on. Often this gives us the "aha!" moment, as texting/typing about software usage usually leads to misunderstandings and naming issues whereas a video is more clear.

If you're having issues between multiple devices, like syncing, this becomes more difficult. Using the video camera on a third device, you could record what you're seeing on the two devices.

Another great way to communicate steps-to-reproduce is by writing up detailed steps that can consistently (at least 50% of the time) replicate the issue. 

Here's an example:

  1. On device A (a Galaxy S8 with good WiFi connection and plenty of free storage), logged in as "", I go into the inspection on "123 Main St." and check the comment "Flashings corroded" in section "Roof" and item "Flashings".

  2. Once checked, I tap the "take photo" button and take a photo. I annotate it with an arrow and save it.

  3. Next I tap back to the Inspection Details page and tap "Save". Once the save completes and it says "Saved!" on top, I switch to the other device.

  4. On device B (an iPad Pro on 3g with 2 gb free storage), logged in as "", I open the same "123 Main St." inspection and tap "Sync". Once it successfully syncs, I go into the "Roof"->"Flashings" section.

  5. I expect to see "Flashings corroded" checked with a photo present. However, I see it unchecked and without a photo.

Accompanied by screenshots, this also often results in quick fixes. Here's how to take screenshots on mobile apps and on your desktop.

We can't emphasize enough how important it is for you to take the few minutes to help us recreate the issue if you want a quick resolution.

Help us help you! With your cooperation we still can roll out same-day or even same-hour bug fixes!

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