We've always made it easy to collect money online with your favorite processors. We've also always helped you get paid, locking reports by default until money is received.

Most payment processors charge 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction to process your payment. Others require a merchant account that often comes with lots of paperwork, numerous monthly fees and hard-to-understand rates. We want to make things easier and cheaper for you.

Now you have another option for payment processing: Spectora Payments.

Get a Better Rate + More Features

Due to our growing size we've been able to negotiate a better bulk rate for our inspectors by becoming our own payment provider! By using Spectora Payments, you'll get 2.75% + 30 cents per transaction as a flat rate with no additional fees. And it only takes a couple minutes to set up! You'll also get tighter feature integration, like taking payments in the mobile app with a slick camera interface and the ability to process refunds on-platform.

Payout Schedule

Payouts will generally happen on a rolling two-business-day basis. For example, payments received on Monday will be in your bank on Wednesday. Payments received on a Thursday will be deposited on Monday. Note that the 2-day payout schedule applies to bank accounts. If you connect a debit card, there may be delays on the card company's end. Additionally, some countries other than the United States and Australia are required to have longer payouts. Read this article to find your country and fastest payout schedule Stripe can provide.

Your first payout will take 7-10 days. This is a fraud prevention mechanism. After your initial waiting period, you will move to the two-day rolling payout schedule.

After you do $1k in transactions, you'll get a notice to enter additional details into your account like your SSN or EIN if you are using an business account. Be sure to do this to keep payouts coming!

How to set up Spectora Payments:

  1. Select "Spectora Payments" as your processor

  2. Click the green "Set Up Payments" button

4. Fill out your details

That's it! You're now able to receive payments for your inspections.

Note that after you do $1k in transactions you'll get an email to add more details like your SSN. Be sure to fill those out when prompted to keep your payouts coming!

Get paid online

Your clients will now be able to pay you online by clicking "Pay Now" in their Client Portal:

Note:  If you need to take payment over the phone, you can click "Client View" on your inspection page and go through this process as the client would.

Take payments on-site

On the Inspection Details page on your app, tap the orange "Payment Required" button:

Then, select Credit/Debit Card.

You can use our card scanner or tap Enter Manually to type in the information yourself.


To process refunds, simply visit the Inspection Details page, and click here in the Fees & Payments box.  Select "Edit Fees & Payments"!

You'll be able to issue full or partial refunds with this orange button:

Note that when issuing partial refunds, we will refund a proportional percentage of the original transaction fee. For example, if your initial charge was $100, your original fee was likely $3.05 (2.75% + 30 cents). If you refund $10, that is 10% of the original charge. The overall fee for the partially-refunded charge would be reduced by $0.30, which is 10% of the original fee. That would make the fee on this $2.75. Note that this is different than a $90 charge, where the fee would be $2.77, because of the proportional refund!


Now, instead of using a separate payment processor's interface, you'll view all your payment info in Spectora. From the main dropdown, select "Payments" to see a history of payments received. You'll also see your current balance for pending payouts.

Spectora Payments is powered by Stripe, one of the largest and most trusted payment processors around. They power payments for companies like Twitter, Lyft, Shopify, SquareSpace, SalesForce, Facebook, Pinterest, Under Armour, and KickStarter. By white-labeling Stripe for use by our inspectors, we absorb some of the risks associated with individual accounts and can offer this lower rate. As we add more inspectors to the platform, we may be able to offer even lower rates in the future!

Note to former Stripe users: While our system uses Stripe it is separate from your former Stripe account. You will no longer use the Stripe dashboard or your previous Stripe account. All interaction for refunds, balances, etc. is done within Spectora.

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