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Next Gen Web Editor Troubleshooting Tools
Next Gen Web Editor Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting tools on the Next Gen report editor that can be useful!

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Let's review some troubleshooting tools you have available on the Next Gen Report Editor!

Full Sync

(Note: Only run this if the Sync Status on your app for the report is empty, example here).

Running a full sync on the web will check for any data that has been received from the app, but is not showing up on the web report. For example, photos not showing on the web Report Editor and web Report Viewer that are present on the App.

Force Payload Rebuild

This helps when the data is not matching between the Report Editor and the Report Viewer. For example, you you made some changes to a comment in the editor but you are not seeing it on the Report Viewer.

Force Template Rebuild

This helps when when optional sections or duplicated sections are coming in blank or missing parts of the narrative. Using this will have the report refresh the template in the background.

These are some of the troubleshooting tools you can try on the Report Editor if you are encountering any of these issues. In addition, you can send our developers debugging information directly from the app - click here to learn how!

We know encountering issues when working on your reports can be frustrating, so please chat into the bubble if the issues persist!

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