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PDF Filler for editing State-Specific PDFs & Special Forms
PDF Filler for editing State-Specific PDFs & Special Forms

Easily use PDF Fillers to edit and fill in information on state-specific PDFs and special forms and attach them to your inspections

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Due to the heavy workload involved in creating special forms that can be added as templates in the software, you may not currently see a form that you need available in our Template Center. We know this can cause frustration!


We strongly encourage you to submit a feature request for any new forms you would like added here. Our Product team will keep an eye on requests that start to gain traction and other inspectors can upvote and add their own feedback. Read more about submitting feature requests in this article.
However, there are ways to work around this with a PDF filler! It allows you to upload the required PDF of the form you are needing, fill in your necessary information, and save/download it to your device. You can then add this edited PDF as an attachment to your inspection so your client's can view them on the client portal (more on this below). This is also a great option for inspectors requesting special forms we do not currently provide.

Note: We don't currently provide state-specific special forms or PDF's that aren't already available in the template center.

Fortunately, there are many free PDF form filler programs for Mac and Windows out there that you can use, as well as apps for mobile devices!
Find some free PDF fillers in the links below according to your device! πŸ‘Έ
​Top 10 Free PDF Filler for Mac and Windows: Click Here
​Top 6 Apps to Fill PDF Forms on iPhone/iPad: Click Here
​5 Best Apps to Fill out a PDF Form on Android: Click Here
Once your PDF is ready to share with your clients, you can attach it to the inspection by following the steps below:

  1. From the Inspection Details page, click on the ATTACH button in the Reports box.

  2. Click on Choose File to add the PDF from your device. (Note: Make sure to name your file as this will be viewable to your client).

  3. Click on ADD REPORT ATTACHMENT button and this will add the document to the Reports box and you client will be able to view it on the client portal.

    There you have it! Reach out on the bubble if you have any more questions or suggestions! πŸ‘

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