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Requesting New Features⚡
Requesting New Features⚡

Provide feedback to our product team & leadership

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Our Product team is continuously adding features based on inspector requests. Your feedback helps us choose what projects to take on next 📢.

When a feature is under consideration we add it to our "Feature Request" page. This page will require a sign-in using your Spectora account credentials.🔐

This article describes the main actions you can take on that page:

Request a feature | Upvote a feature | Comment on a feature | Search for a feature

Request a feature

On the side of the page, you will see a section to "submit a new feature." Use the text fields to author your request.

Best Practices:

  • Avoid duplicate requests - The page shows similar existing requests as you type!

  • Keep your language appropriate - Your request is public and includes your name!

  • Choose a short & descriptive title - Help others find and upvote this feature.

  • Try to answer the question "What problem will this feature solve?" in DETAILS

  • Add photos or screenshots when possible

While creating your request you can upvote similar requests on the side panel.

Upvote a feature

If you see a feature you would like click the "upvote" button to add your vote. If you change your mind, simply click again to remove your vote.

Our Product team and other users will see your vote along with your name.

Comment on a feature

Think the feature is missing something? You can add a public comment.

⚠️Warning! Other inspectors will be notified of your publicly visible comment.⚠️

Search for a feature

Want to explore what features are under consideration? Use the search feature to find features related to your selected term.

Sort features

Want to know which prospective features are the most popular? You can filter the list in a few different ways.

The default view "Trending" shows the posts getting the most recent attention, as opposed to "Top" which shows all-time favorites.

We look forward to your participation and feedback!

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