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Recommended Contractor Type Customization
Recommended Contractor Type Customization

Quick overview of how you can adjust the display name for recommended contractor types as well as add custom types to the list.

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Did you ever want to adjust the name of a recommended contractor type when adding it to your report? How about adding a type that just doesn't match with any of the ones on the list? Now you can and I am going to show you how below.

Configuring Your Recommendation Types

❗ Be aware that this is a company wide setting so any changes here will affect all inspectors in your company. Also check out the note at the bottom of this article if you are NOT using the Next Gen app.

There is a new sub-section, Recommendation Types, in Settings under the Report Options section.

To configure the custom changes you need click on Recommendation Types. This will give you the option to start with Default or Custom recommendations.

Default Types

From this screen you are able to edit the display name for the built in recommendation types as well as hide any recommendation type from your list.

Click on the Edit button for any recommendation to change the Display Name for the selected type. Once saved, the table will update with the new Display Name and you will see that name instead of the original recommendation type name as a selectable type in reports moving forward.

Clicking on the Hide button for any row will simply change the status from Visible to Hidden. Any recommendation type with the status of "Hidden" will not show up as a selectable type in reports moving forward.

Custom Types

In this tab you have the option to create custom recommendation types. These will show up in the recommendation type lists in inspection reports in addition to the built in list.

Click on New Custom Type to set yours up.

Select the Associated Recommendation Type (this doesn't mean it has to match exactly with the category but rather it just needs to be the closest related one in your view) and type in the custom name you want to add to your list.

Once you have added a custom type it will show up in the table along with the option to Edit or Delete it.

Use in your reports

Now that you have adjusted the display names and added custom types to your list you will see them as options in the Recommendation drop downs in the Template Editor as well as the Report Editor moving forward. If you are using the Recommended Contractors feature (currently in limited beta) you will have these options in your contractor type list as well.

❗Note: If you are not using the Next Gen app you will need to clear your app cache (shown below) after setting up your customizations for them to show up correctly in your app and on the reports generated on the app. This is not necessary when using the Next Gen app.

πŸ’¬ As always feel free to reach out on the bubble for any questions or assistance with this feature!

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