Spectora currently offers the option to display contractor recommendations on defect comments, like a plumbing or deck contractor. So what happens if you want to recommend your local deck contractor by name?

You can now place trusted contractors of your choosing in the report. You can include their name, logo, and contact information for your client to connect with for a quote.

💸 With Spectora Connect, we are striving to create new revenue sources for our inspectors on your own terms. Write in to the chat bubble if you'd like to discuss more ways to increase your revenue per inspection.

How to Turn Recommended Contractors On

This feature is currently in super beta testing. If you'd like to try it out, please write into the chat bubble to have the feature turned on

Creating Your Contractor List

1. Once the chat bubble has turned Recommended Contractors on for you, you'll see a new option under Settings called Spectora Connect. Click on Recommended Contractors

2. You'll be redirected to your new contractors page. Click + Create Contractor in the top right to begin

3. Fill out all of the details for your new contractor. The more details, the better! Adding a logo can help the contractor pop in your report

Once you're done, click Create Contractor. Add as many contractors as you'd like to feature!

4. Once you create contractors, you can edit or delete them from the list as well.

Where Contractors Display in Your Report

Contractor Recommendations will not list any of the contractor's information within the deficiency, it will only show that a contractor is recommended for the repair

At the bottom of your report, you will find a section for Recommended Contractors where the information is displayed

Recommended Contractors also display at the bottom of the report Summary

Click Show Details to reveal which defects from the report are related to these contractor recommendations

The client can click Get Quote to send their information to the contractor for a quote

Enjoy! Please reach out to the Spectora Support Team if you have any questions about this feature

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