What is the newest app version and how is it different?

We're moving away from our original app and moving to Version 10 (aka Next Gen). Learn what this means for you and your business!

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We are phasing out our original app and moving to our newest app version!

But what is this new version?

Version 10 is our newly rebuilt mobile app and web editor! It has the same basic flow of the app you know but is built to last and keep up with new tech.

You'll notice a number of changes using the newest version including a newer, sleeker look. Report writing is faster and more seamless, you can also automatically sync your report data, use dark mode, and more.

Why build an entirely new app instead of fixing the existing one?

Our original app was built on technology from when Spectora started, making it pretty ancient in tech years. Phones, devices, and operating systems keep updating, and the app simply cannot keep up with the newer technology.

There are also some systemic issues in the app, especially when it comes to the way it syncs data on team inspections and sends cover photos. After a number of attempts, we concluded these require a total app rebuild in order to fix them.

By building this newest version, we aim to future-proof our platform and stay ahead of advancements.

What is different?

  1. Auto Syncing: Automatically sync your report data between the devices and the web by switching your syncing method in settings.

  2. Dark Mode: Experience a new look and improve battery life with dark mode

  3. Multiple Lenses (iOS): Use multiple lenses on the rapid fire.

  4. Aspect Ratio Selection (iOS and Android): Choose aspect ratios on both platforms.

  5. Easy Access to Past and Future Inspections: Navigate inspections with ease from the new app dash.

  6. Individual Report Cover Photos: Apply cover photos to individual reports.

  7. Video Time Limit: Record videos with a 30-second limit, no more restrictions.

  8. Batch Photo Upload: Add more than 15 photos from the gallery at once.

What is the same?

Your templates and reporting flow will remain exactly the same! We have been careful while designing the app to ensure the muscle memory you've built up with the old app isn't lost.

The goal of the project is stability and to create an app that will consistently perform for inspectors to save time and help make more money.

In the future we do plan to add additional features, these include:

  • Original photos on re-inspection reports

  • A new photo annotation experience

  • Timestamps on photos.

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