Viewing the Inspection Change Log

How company admins can see changes to inspections and who made them

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Keeping track of what changes have been made to inspections has never been easier!

To view the Change Log for an inspection, go to the inspection details page > "More" on the top right corner. The Change Log is the last option on the list!

This option only shows for support staff and inspectors with admin permissions. Anyone else on the team will not have access.

What can you see on the Change Log? ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Fee changes

  • Contact changes

  • Disable notifications being turned on and off

  • Inspection cancellations

  • Reports being created and removed

  • Agreements being created and removed

  • Inspectors being added to inspections

What is not included? โŒ

  • Inspection deletions

  • Who made changes in Google Calendar, causing changes on Spectora

  • Inspectors being removed from inspections

This tool was built for our internal team and could potentially use some updates. Let us know if you want additional info tracked on the change log, or if something on it doesn't make sense!

If you have any other questions on Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email

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