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How to Clear Out In-Progress Inspections
How to Clear Out In-Progress Inspections

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Inspections that haven't been fully published will show on your Dashboard in the In-Progress Box. You can easily clear these out so they no longer show on your Dashboard. Follow along with the steps below to see how.

Clearing Out In-Progress Inspections

💡 Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click on the inspection in the In-Progress box

  2. Click "Publish All"

  3. Unselect any notifications that you do not want to be sent to the client or agent

  4. Click "Send All"

After doing so, you should see a green text that shows the report has been published and it should disappear from your “In Progress area”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already published this inspection, why is it still showing in the In-Progress box?

    • This can happen for a few reasons:

      • If you only published one report and there are other reports on the inspection that are not published, the system doesn't see that inspection as fully published. You'll need to publish all of the reports with the "Publish All" button.

      • Or, if you used "Quick Publish" instead of "Publish All," the system doesn't recognize the inspection as fully published. Click here to learn more about Quick Publish vs. Publish All.

      • Every once in a blue moon, an inspection can get stuck there even after publishing. Re-publishing the inspection will clear it out though!

  • I don't see the "Publish All" button, what do I do?

    • If the "Publish All" button is not showing, click "Resend Email/Text" instead.

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