Publish All vs Quick Publish

What's the difference between Publish and Quick Publish?

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Quick Publish is a feature in your Spectora Inspection Details Page: 

Quick Publish will make your report available through the Client Portal, but will NOT send any emails to clients or agents. 

  • An advantage to Quick Publish: Inspectors who have multiple reports, but don't want to send the Report Ready email when each report is published.

  • A disadvantage to Quick Publish: If you do not use the Publish All button, your inspections will stay in the "In-Progress" box. You can always click Publish All and uncheck all email boxes, so nothing will send.

Publish All will recognize your email settings and send your Report Ready email to the proper recipients. This will still happen if you have all notifications disabled! 

  • Using Publish All, you can send one Report Ready email to a client even if you are publishing multiple reports.

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