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Email Triggers for Custom Scheduling Fields
Email Triggers for Custom Scheduling Fields

How to create Actions for different Custom Scheduling Field (and property details)!

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Using Spectora Advanced, you can send customize emails based on specific answers from your Custom Scheduling Fields.

If you are not familiar with Custom Scheduling Fields, check out this article first.

For a sneak peak on how Custom Scheduling Fields can trigger Actions, check out this video!

*These custom fields will be available on your Online Scheduler as well as when you schedule an inspection internally

Example 1 - Client Not Attending Email

Say your custom field asks, "Will the client be attending?" and your dropdown answers are Yes and No.

In your new Action, set your Rule for Has, Custom Field, Will the client be attending - Equals - No. Finish creating your email with any specific information you wish to relay to the client who will not be in attendance!

Example 2 - Custom field answers triggering Upsells

In this example, say you perform septic inspections and you want to upsell that service, but only if you know the home has a septic tank (based on your scheduling fields).

You custom field can ask "Does the home have a septic tank?"

In your new Action, you can set up two Rules:

- Has, Custom Field, Does the home have a septic tank - equals - Yes.

- Does not have, Service Addon, Standard Inspection > Septic Inspection.

With these 2 rules, and having "And" in the middle, that means both rules must apply for the action to fire. So if the client answered Yes to having a septic tank and did not already choose your septic inspection add-on, you can trigger your upsell email!

Example 3 - Property Details triggering Actions

You can also send Actions based on the property details listed on the standard scheduling field for Age of Home and Foundation.

For Foundation, you can simply set up your Rules to say Has, Property Detail, Foundation - equals - Crawlspace, for example, to trigger a specific email or upsell.

For Year Built, to trigger an email to send if the home was built earlier than 1975, for example, you can set your rule to say Has, Property Detail, Year Build - Less Than - 1975. The way this logic works, if the 'Year Built' number is actually less than 1975, say 1955, this email will fire.

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