Visit Settings->Scheduling Tools->Custom Scheduling Fields:

Simply add "+ Add A Custom Field" to add a new one! (Currently the page must reload when you do this - we'll make that better in the future.)

Here's what all the fields mean:


This allows you to specify which order these fields appear.


This is what displays to both you and the client on the Online Scheduler.

Response Format

You can add various types of fields here:

Text - Allows the user to enter any text. This might be useful for "Lockbox Code" for example.

Number - Allows numeric input only. This might be used for "Number of Bedrooms" for example.

Checkbox - On/off. This might be used for "Is the property occupied?" or "Are utilities on?".

Dropdown - Allows you to offer a fixed set of choices from which the user can pick one. This might be used for questions like "What kind of property is this?" with answers "Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo, Townhome, Commercial".

Additional Options

When selecting "Dropdown" as the Response Format, this is where you'll input the choices (comma-separated).

Require Answer During Scheduling

If checked, the user must input an answer before scheduling is allowed. (Note that this does not apply to the checkbox response format.)

Internal Only

If checked, this field will only display for your New Inspection Form and Inspection Details page. It won't show on the Online Scheduler, so clients/agents wouldn't see it. Use this when it's something you only want your office staff to input.

Display on Spectora App

If checked, the answer to this question will display on the mobile app for the inspector to see. Commonly used for things like "Lockbox code".

On the New Inspection form, these will show up in the "Other" section:

In the upcoming revision to the Online Scheduler, these will show up on the first tab under "Additional Info":

We hope these custom fields give you even more flexibility and efficiency when scheduling!

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