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Common Actions for Spectora Advanced
Common Actions for Spectora Advanced

Learn the most common Actions (custom triggered emails and texts) used in Spectora Advanced and how to set them up.

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Every day inspectors are discovering that Spectora Advanced can save them time, headaches (and in some cases money) over competing 3rd party office tools.

Actions is the most powerful tool in Spectora Advanced, where you can create custom triggers for emails and texts.

If you want the video version, see below:

Send email/text to a 3rd party radon/mold/termite company when the client orders an add-on

Send email/text to client when a certain [add-on service] is included

Upsell email/text to send when client does not include [add-on service] in their order. (Great for upping average revenue per customer!)

Send email/text to your inspectors when they have a new job

Send email/text to clients when a new PDF is uploaded

Send email/text to agents tagged "XZY" (VIP, already left review)

Send email/text X days before inspection if client has not paid yet

Send email/text X days before inspection if client has not signed agreement

Check out these steps by step articles on how to set up Advanced Actions:

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