Using Global Search on Reports

Easily search for comments in the app or on the web

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We design our report editors to help you flow easily from section to section, but sometimes you need to bounce around! Our global search feature helps you land on a certain comment instantly.

When Would I Use Global Search?

Let's say I'm working in my Built-In Appliances section elbow-deep in the garbage disposal, when I realize the dishwasher is leaking. I can use Global Search to search for "dishwasher" and quickly jump to my Dishwasher Leaking defect comment without having to stop what I'm doing.

Global Search on the web is also a great tool when you can't remember exactly which Section or Item a comment is under, but you know the gist of the comment!

How to Globally Search in the Web Editor

The Global Search feature appears as a search bar on the top right of your Report Editor. You can search for comments in the search bar and select the correct one out of the options that populate.

The comment type will be indicated by a colored dot next to the comment name. Green for Informational, orange for Limitations, and red for Defects.

How to Globally Search in the App

The Global Search feature in the app works a little differently. To use the Global Search feature, tap the search icon in the top right of your app.

Tapping the search icon in your sections overview will search every section.

Tapping the search icon in a particular section will search that section. To search the entire report, tap the globe icon. You can tap the flag icon to search flagged comments only.

You can also filter your search by comment type using the three comment type icons while you're searching. The default is to include all comment types, but you can tap off the ones you don't want to search for.

If you have any questions or feedback on this feature, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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