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Spectora Advanced for Multi-Inspector Companies

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Spectora Advanced is cutting edge addition to the Spectora software to provide companies with expanded capabilities and customization. Spectora Advanced can give you more control for scheduling, data metrics, inspector pay, automated emails and more, here are the included features right now!  

What does Spectora Advanced include? 

Spectora Advanced can give you more control for scheduling, data metrics, inspector pay, automated emails and more, here are the included features right now!  

Actions are a more customizable version of our automated emails and texts! With actions you can create emails that will send based on conditional, logic, and event triggers. 

  • Send emails to clients offering additional services to their basic inspection.

  • Send payment reminders to clients with unpaid inspections.

  • Automatically reach out to and schedule third party vendors.

Contact Tagging is way to send out more personalized and customized emails and texts to specific contacts on an inspection.

  • Use a “repeat agent” tag to send shortened emails to repeat agents.

  • Give more home maintenance information to first time home buyers using a “first time buyer” tag!

  • Customize your communications with your contacts to your preferences! 

Pay splits are a way for you to choose and automatically calculate your inspectors' pay for each inspection or service! 

  • Calculate your inspector pay automatically for each inspection.

  • Generate a pay report from Spectora to tell you how much the inspector earned on payday! 

  • Incentivize your inspectors with higher Pay Splits for loyalty, quality, and training! 

Inspection events allow your company to schedule events in Spectora that are linked to inspections and assign inspectors or techs to them! 

  • Schedule radon pick ups and drop offs.

  • Assign inspectors to go and get a water testing kit.

  • Pay your inspectors for these events using Pay Splits!

Service limitations allow your company to choose which inspector is able to perform which inspection services. Service areas, on the other hand, let you elect the boundaries within each of your inspectors work! 

  • Decrease travel time for inspectors, allowing for higher efficiency! 

  • Hire radon, sewer scope, and other specific techs, without worrying about them being assigned outside of their expertise! 

  • Further customize how and where your inspectors work and where they work to fit your needs! 

Advanced Metrics are a way for companies to better create graphs, charts, and spreadsheets with your Spectora data. This powerful tool allows you to visualize your companies' data better, see trends, and build your business intelligence! 

  • Find your agents that produced the most revenue.

  • See which of your services is the most profitable.

  • Find the zip codes where your company has been most successful.

Getting started with Spectora Advanced 

To start using Spectora Advanced, schedule a call or demo, or see pricing details, check out our Advanced Features on our website! 

All of these tools can help to keep your company, profitable, efficient, and on the cutting edge of the industry! What is listed on this article are examples of what these tools can help you achieve, but there is so much more they can help accomplish! 

These are the services offered now with Advanced, but we are always looking to expand what we provide to fit your needs, let us know if you have more ideas!

If you have questions on how Spectora Advanced can help your business, contact us at, take a look at our Advanced article collection in our Info Center, or jump on the chat bubble to get assistance!

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