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5) New User: Setting up Automation
5) New User: Setting up Automation

Step-by-step process of setting up your automated emails and text messages

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You can use Spectora to send automated emails and text messages to your clients and agents. Here's a video demo on setting up Automation

Step-by-step Process of Setting up Automation

1. Go to the Automation tab near the top of your screen

2. Choose the type of emails/texts you would like to edit. For example: Scheduling

  • These emails/texts will send immediately after a confirmed inspection is scheduled

3. Check the box next to the emails and text messages you want to send to clients, client's agents, and listing agents

4. Click the "Edit Template" button next to each email you have turned on. You will be able to edit what the emails say.

  • Make sure you check the Subject and Placeholders for every email and text template. Placeholders will auto-populate information from each of your inspections

  • Don't forget to SAVE!

5. Repeat this process for every email type, and every client type (client, client's agent, listing agent)

Editing Text Message Content

If you'd like to edit text message content, you can purchase a custom text number to do so. Here is more information about how to purchase a number and why this is required by law.


  • What if I don't want Automations to go out for one specific inspection? You can manually disable notifications within each inspection by clicking the "disable notifications" checkbox upon scheduling

  • What other placeholders does Spectora offer? Lots! This article describes how to use placeholders and what each placeholder means.

  • Can I create more specific email triggers? Yes, but that is a feature of Spectora Advanced. Here's an article if you want to learn more about cost and features!

  • Can I send mass emails to my contacts with Spectora? Yes! Spectora now offers this ability; check out this article on Mass Email!

  • What is the Email Queue, Text Queue, etc. on the top of the Automations page? These will show you your current queued emails and texts. It's helpful to check here if you think there is an email that was bounced or not delivered.

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