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How to send text messages from a custom phone number
How to send text messages from a custom phone number

How to purchase a custom local phone number to send all of your automated text messages from and the benefits of doing so!

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Buy a number

  • A custom number can be purchased for $20/month. Just pop into Settings->Text Settings and search for an available number. You can search by digit combinations or even word phrases:

    • (You can buy as many numbers as you like to reserve them, but you can only use one at any given time.)

  • For inspectors in the United States, our third-party messaging service requires additional information to register a number. This is to comply with mobile carrier and industry standards.

    • Before you can select a number you will be directed to this form to provide the required information. This information will not be visible to your clients!

  • If you are outside of the United States, check the country dropdown menu to search for numbers from other nations.

Set up forwarding

  • Once you have your number set up, under "My Numbers" you can add a forwarding email and/or phone number:

  • When we receive a text message to your custom phone number, we will send an email to the forwarding email address and shoot a text message to the forwarding phone number. You can leave either blank but we recommend doing one or the other.

  • The email and text will include the "likely sender" if we can find a buyer or an agent you've recently worked with having the same phone number. We'll also include a link to the Inspection Details page of the most recent inspection you've done for them:


  • You can respond directly to the person contacting you by tapping the linked phone number in a text or by sending a direct email to the sender. ⚠️ Responding to the system phone number or system email will not work! ⚠️

  • Without a custom phone number, all of these text messages originate from Spectora's Colorado number (720-465-7209).

  • When we get a text response to our main number, we try to route it to the inspector that most recently did an inspection for someone with that phone number. If that client or agent has done multiple inspections on our platform, or never input their mobile number, you would not be able to receive the message.

Removing a number

  • If you no longer wish to use a number, simply delete it here:

  • We'll cancel the associated monthly subscription and revert back to sending your text messages from our main Spectora number.


Having a local number enhances trust and shows you're a local business. Having a dedicated number ensures you get responses to it and never miss vital communication. We hope this helps your business and enhances your professionalism!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if someone tries to call my custom phone number?

    • If someone tries to call your custom phone number, the call will not complete or go through. Calling that number will route the client to their wireless carrier, and let them know that the call cannot be completed.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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