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How to associate reports with specific inspectors
How to associate reports with specific inspectors

Here's how to assign inspectors per-report to ensure the right inspector name, credentials, and signature show up!

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If you are doing multiple services per inspection (such as a Residential Report, a Structural Report, a Termite inspection, and a Mold inspection) you probably have several inspectors involved in the job. Perhaps you don't want or need every inspector to appear in every report, or maybe regulations require that only a certain inspector shows up on certain reports. Here's how to control which inspectors are on each report!

  1. Enable "Assign Inspectors to Reports" in Settings->Report Tools:

2. By default, any inspector that saves changes in the report via our mobile app will be assigned to a report. You can change these here:

The Primary Inspector is who is listed first and is sometimes the only inspector listed on special forms (like the NPMA-33, Florida's WDO & Wind Mit forms, and Texas's WDI and REI 7-5 form). 

When viewing a report, only the assigned inspectors will show up!:

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