App Crashes During Save Or Sync
For android users experiencing app crashes
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If you are experiencing app crashes when trying to save your inspection, this might be the cause of excessive 'data' attached to your photos.  

Until we can make a permanent fix for Android users, we have created a hidden option to "trim" the unnecessary photo date when the picture data on your inspection becomes too large.

Click into your app settings (top left).  

Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

  1. Make sure your app is up today, and 

  2. Tap the "App Version" line 6 times.

You will find a new line called "App Build Channel".  

Switch from Production to Beta, and you will a see a new set of buttons below.  

Select "Backup All Photos"

You will find a button to "Trim Extra Photo Data".  Click and let the magic happen : )

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