Editing Team Permissions

Learn where you can give your sub-inspectors permissions to schedule, publish, add to template and admin functions.

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Settings >Team is where you, the admin, can control which inspectors and support staff have which privileges and what level of access.

Schedule Self - Allows an inspector to schedule inspections only for themselves and see only their inspections. This also prevents inspectors from adding or switching inspectors in the the People box on a scheduled inspection.

Schedule All - Allows the person to schedule inspections for any inspector on the team and see other inspector's schedules.

Publish - Allows the inspector to publish reports. If not enabled, they will go into a queue in the admin's Spectora dashboard for review and approval. The admin will have to then publish.

Add to Template - Allows an inspector to add new sections, items or comments to the template while editing a report. If not, this will only allow them to add one-off changes to reports which do not impact the future inspections.

Edit Template - This will allow the person to edit the template and export or share the template. If this access is not enabled, the Template editor will be removed from their dashboard.

Trainee - Trainees default to not showing on client-facing pages and reports. They will not show up on the online scheduler or company profile page.

Manage Contacts - Allows the person to add, edit, transfer, and delete contacts from the Contacts page. Clients must be deleted from the inspection in order to delete them from the Contacts page.

Access Financial Data - Allows the person to access financial information such as Metrics, Data Exports, Payments, Billing, Pay Splits, etc. If not, these will be removed from their navigation menu.

Admin - Admins have full access to company settings, subscriptions, and email templates.

If you have any questions on this, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email support@spectora.com!

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