Your Team page is where you, the admin, can control which inspectors and support staff have which privileges:

Schedule - This allows the person to schedule inspections and see other inspector's schedule.

Publish - This allows the inspector to publish reports. If not, they will go into a queue in the admin's Spectora dashboard for review and approval. The admin will have to then publish.

Add to Template - This will allow the inspector to add new sections, items or comments to the template while doing a report. If not, this will only allow them to add one-off changes to reports.

Edit Template - This will allow the person to edit the template (aka Template Editor). If not, the link will not show on their view.

Trainee - Trainees default to not showing on client-facing pages and reports. They will not show up on the online scheduler or company profile page.

Admin - Admins have full access to company settings, subscriptions, payments, metrics and email templates.

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