Special Florida Forms
Florida has several forms that can be done within Spectora but still output the required PDFs. Here's how to do it.
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Florida inspectors! We have special templates for each of these forms to help speed up your inspection process:

These templates have special rules that allow you to use the Spectora mobile app or website to input data yet still have them output as perfect recreations of the PDFs!

Here's how to use them:

  1. Visit our Template Center and find the template you're looking for.

  2. Click "Add Template" to bring it into your account!

  3. Add the template to your Services or into any inspection.

  4. When you view the report, you'll see a special PDF output!


  • Since these templates have special rules, you should not delete any sections/items/comments or attempt to change the template structure. Each comment is mapped to specific PDF fields and modifying the template will likely break the output.

  • For any form that requires an inspector's signature, these can be set up in the inspector's profile. For solo inspectors, just visit "Profile" from the main menu. For multi-inspector companies, click into each inspector from the Profile or Team page to add their signature.

  • Several of the form questions have been streamlined to minimize taps required for the form. Instead of having to check each box, they will automatically check the box based on if text has been input or not. For example, in the 4-Point form there is a comment called "Explanation if amperage insufficient". If text is entered then "No" is checked with the explanation displayed. If not, then "Yes" is checked and you saved a tap!

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