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In-App Florida Wind Mitigation Reports

Florida Spectorians, you’re in for a treat!  You can now create your Wind Mitigation PDFs directly in the Spectora app!

Here’s how to get it set up:

First, make sure your mobile app is our latest version, v5.1.13 or later!

Next, we’ll get the template started and schedule a mock inspection:

  1. Go to the Template Center (“+New” button in Template Editor) and add the Spectora Uniform Wind Mitigation Template to your account:

Once the template sets up, feel free to add any default values (perhaps the “Inspector Information->License Type” and “License #” for example.)  You’ll notice that {{PLACEHOLDERS}} can now be added to comment values/text – many of these are already filled out for you!

You’ll also notice that many features of the Template Editor are hidden or locked for this template – this is so you don’t accidentally break it!

2) Set up a Service in “Settings->Services” to use the new template:

3) Create an inspection using the template

4) Edit the report in the mobile app or the web report writer:

(Note that the completion percentage/indicators are not accurate for the Wind Mitigation template.)

5) When you’re done, view the report and see the completed PDF!

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