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How to Refresh Your PDF to Reflect Your Latest Changes
How to Refresh Your PDF to Reflect Your Latest Changes

Here's how you can regenerate the PDF when your web report isn't not matching PDF!

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If your web report isn't matching your PDF report, or if you have changed something like your logo or agent info, you might want to try refreshing the PDF's to have those update correctly. Here's how:

Standard Reports:

  1. Open your report up to the Preview/Publish page

  2. Click the PDF dropdown menu on the web report

  3. Click Refresh PDF

The PDF's can take just a few moments to fully refresh, and once that's completed you'll be able to access those again.

Note: This option is only visible when logged in as an inspector; your clients and agents cannot see this tool on their end.

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Special Forms:

Refreshing a special form report, like a 4-point or wind mit report can look a little different. On forms that that bypass the the web-based version, you'll notice that there's no Refresh PDF button. Whether it be updating property details or a newly added inspector signatures, here's how you can trigger those updates:

  1. Open the web editor for this report

  2. Uncheck any comment, wait until you see the green saved flag pop up, then check that back on again (or vice versa on an unchecked comment)

  3. Click Preview/Publish to open your PDF

Voila! Changes made to your web editor, however brief, can help trigger a froced refresh to your special form PDF.

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