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Adding Google review links to automated follow-up emails
Adding Google review links to automated follow-up emails

Get more Google reviews by including links in your follow up emails to clients. You can also hyperlink your badges for reviews.

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Customize client follow up emails with review links to get more Google reviews. 

Make sure you put your review links in the post-inspection follow up emails found in Automation>Post-Inspection:Client (and Client's Agent if you're asking Agents for reviews).

Here's how to set up your review links (if you already have Google my Business set up):

Step 1. Generate your Google review link

Option 1 - NEW! Use your link

Go to to log into your GMB account. In the "Info" section, you'll see an "@" symbol. This is your shortname. Enter a short name similar to your business name. Keep in mind this will be customer-facing.

If you see a message saying your change is under review, that's normal and to be expected. It just takes a few days.

Once that's been reviewed and accepted, you can start using this as a direct link to your GMB account: shortname)

Use this link to send to your clients to leave you a Google review. 

*Note: this option will take customers to your GMB account overview, they will still need to click "leave a review".

(Skip to Step 2)

Option 2: Use Your Google Place ID
Use the Google Place ID Finder. Enter your business name and address.

*Note: Google Place ID Finder only works if your address is visible to the public and not hidden.

If you can't find your Place ID using that method, use your browser's built-in developer tools

Type your business name (for some you might have to also include your city/state) into Google. Your Google my Business account should show up on the right side. 

Right-click the "Write a review" button and click "Inspect" (It's Inspect Element in some browsers).

A pop up will appear that looks like The Matrix. Don't run. Just look for the "data-pid" field that looks like this:

You'll see a long jumble of text starting with Ch. Copy and paste the numbers and letters inside the " ". That's your place ID.

Once you have your Place ID, add it to the end of this link: 

The result will look something like this:

Go to your Yelp account and click "Write a Review", copy the url, and paste into your follow-up emails!

*You also have the option to hyperlink that "Write A Review" into an image or badge. Once the image is uploaded and selected, go ahead and click the "link" icon and paste the URL. 

We also now offer an external review option in our client portal! Click here to read up on how to get Google reviews from the client portal!

Want to start a free trial? Click here!

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